Records Of Washington County, Georgia
Records Of Washington County, Georgia
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Records of Washington County, Georgia; By Marie De Lamar and Elisabeth Rothstein; 184 pp.; paperback; Published: 1975; Reprinted: 2009; ISBN: 9780806311104; Item # CF1411D

This work is a tremendously useful collection of genealogical data as it is a blend of records from sources other than the courthouse. County residents are listed under one or more of the following categories: headrights and bounty grants (important because Washington County was one of only two Georgia counties where bounty grants were made to soldiers of the Revolution), 1805 lottery registrants, 1832 lottery fortunate drawers, 1820, 1830, 1840 and 1850 censuses, surveyors' records, military records, marriages, poor school records, tax defaulters, and early settlers.

The index, specially compiled for this reprint edition, has references to about 12,000 persons.