Virginia County Records, Vol. IX--Miscellaneous County Records
Virginia County Records, Vol. IX--Miscellaneous County Records
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Virginia County Records, Vol. IX--Miscellaneous County Records; By William Armstrong Crozier; 151 pp.; paperback; Published: 1911; Reprinted: 2008; ISBN: 9780806304724; Item # CF1249D

In 1905, Crozier launched an ambitious series entitled Virginia County Records. The series, originally published in magazine format, ended eight years later after ten volumes in the first series and one in a new series had been published. We publish several of those volumes (see also Items cf1244d, cf1246d, cf1247d, cf1250d, and cf1251d). With the exception of Volume I (New Series), which focuses on Westmoreland County, the articles in these reprints range over numerous Virginia counties and record categories. There is no duplication of information in any of the four "Miscellaneous" volumes; however, since the contents of Volumes VI, VII, IX and X were originally prepared for a periodical, researchers will find that the same record subject (e.g., Accomack County Land Grants) is often treated in more than one volume. In such cases, researchers may wish to acquire all the Miscellaneous volumes related to their county(ies) of interest.

This volume includes: Amelia Co. Marriage Bonds; Caroline Co. Marriage Bonds; Dinwiddie Co. Land Grants; Gloucester Co. Land Grants; Halifax Co. Land Grants; Henrico Co. Records; King George Co. Land Grants; Loudoun Co. Militia Lists; Northampton Co. Wills and Marriage Bonds; Orange Co. Marriage Bonds; Pittsylvania Co. Marriage Bonds; Rappahannock Co. Land Grants; Richmond Co. Land Grants; York Co. Wills; Lists of Early Settlers, Militia, and Revolutionary Soldiers and Pensioners; Heraldic Records from the College of Arms of Canada; and Family Histories of Hill, Lyon and the Baronets of Nova Scotia. With an index of about 1,000 names.