Tracing Your Westmeath Ancestors
Tracing Your Westmeath Ancestors
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Tracing your Westmeath Ancestors; by Gretta Connell; 160 pp; Paperback; Published: 2012; ISBN: 9781907990038; Item # FLP019

Note- this volume is out-of-print at the publisher in Dublin. However, FRPC still has a few copies available in our warehouse in the USA.

Westmeath, often referred to as the ‘Lake County’, is a prosperous midland county whose main towns are Athlone and Mullingar. The major Gaelic families in the county include:

  • O’Flanagan
  • MacAuley
  • MacGeoghegan
  • Brennan
  • O’Coffey
  • O’Mulleady
  • O’FInlan
  • O’Growney
  • O’Melaghlin
  • O’Daly

Later Norman arrivals included:

  • DeLacy
  • Plunkett
  • Nugent
  • Tuite
  • Petit
  • Delamar
  • Dalton

Later still English adventurer families to arrive included:

  • Ledwich
  • Dardis
  • Gaynor

The lives and activities of these various peoples of Westmeath have generated a huge variety of records, many of which can be useful to the family historian. This book explains what records exist and how to use them to best advantage.

"Tracing Your Westmeath Ancestors" Book Review


Flyleaf Press has published a guide to Tracing your Westmeath Ancestors by Gretta Connell, a senior Librarian in Westmeath County Library with a special interest in local history. . . In writing Tracing your Westmeath Ancestors, Gretta has compiled a comprehensive guide to all of the records available for tracing families in the county. The new title is filled with information on what the records contain, and how and where they can be accessed. It is well illustrated with maps of the various administrative divisions; with examples of the types of records to be found; and with other relevant material. - Westmeath Examiner October 2012

Two excellent additions to the county-based research guides produced by Flyleaf Press were published recently. These county guides provide a level of detailed information on the resources for each county that is difficult to find elsewhere and therefore, they are highly recommended for those with ancestral links to the counties covered by the series. Indeed, for those wishing to research the lives and times of their ancestors to provide that much cherished ‘family history narrative’ this county based guides are an invaluable resource. The latest in the series are: ‘Tracing your Sligo Ancestors’ by James G. Ryan and … ‘Tracing your Westmeath Ancestors’ by Gretta Connell - Ireland's Genealogical Gazette

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