Gateway To The West, 2 Vols.
Gateway To The West, 2 Vols.
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Gateway to the West, 2 vols.; by Ruth Bowers & Anita Short; Paperback; 2,000 pp; Published: 1967-1978, Reprinted: 2008; ISBN: 9780806312361; Item # CF620D

Gateway to the West, a periodical published from 1967 to 1978, covered some of the least accessible but most important genealogical records of 76 of Ohio's 88 counties. From common pleas court records, guardianships, naturalizations and deed abstracts to the more conventional records of births, marriages, deaths and wills, Gateway offered a range of genealogical source materials unmatched by any other Ohio publication.

Users of this periodical always had a problem finding things in it, for there was no index to its contents. But for this reprint, we have provided an index for each of the two volumes. The principal articles are arranged under their respective counties, and some 350 articles name more than 95,000 persons, in records ranging from Adams County to Wood County, from court records to church records, and from township records to cemetery records. In all a priceless body of material!