Related Families Of Botetourt County, Virginia, Revised Edition
Related Families Of Botetourt County, Virginia, Revised Edition
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Related Families of Botetourt County, Virginia, Revised Edition; by J. William Austin, II and Rebecca H. R. Austin; xii + 407 + 16 pp.; Paperback; Published: 1977; Reprinted: 2008; ISBN: 9780806350233; Item # CF9373D

The central Virginia county of Botetourt was formed from Augusta County in 1769. Botetourt County is the parent county, in part, of Allegany, Bath, Craig, Fincastle, Montgomery, Roanoke, and Rockbridge counties in Virginia. Published originally in 1977 and revised expressly for the Clearfield edition, Mr and Mrs. Austin's compendium of forty-eight family histories was fashioned together from a variety of primary and secondary sources. Among other things, the compilers made a careful study of Botetourt County marriages, wills, deeds, and death records from microfilm available at the Virginia State Library, as well as Botetourt County records housed at the county clerks'offices in Fincastle (Botetourt County), Salem (Roanoke County), and Lexington (Rockbridge County). The end result is an extensively annotated collection of early Botetourt families, many of whose progenitors were born in the 18th century. The families included in the volume, in the sequence in which they appear, are: Adams, Ammen, Austin, Beckner, Blount, Bowyer, Burger, Coffman, Crowder, Dempsey, Deisher, Fellers, Finch, Firebaugh, Flaherty, Hannah, Howell, Jopling, Kessler, Leftwich, Linkenhoger, McFerran, Noffsinger, Obenshain-Sweetland, Peck and Dill, Poague, Rinehart, Ritchey, Saville, Simpson, Sizer, Slusser, Stoner, Switzer, Wilhelm, Wood, Border, Bane, Etzler, Crush, Hypes, Layman, Lunsford, Young, Garland, Bolton, and Haden.