Families Of Early Hartford, Connecticut
Families Of Early Hartford, Connecticut
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Families of Early Hartford, Connecticut; by Lucius Barnes Barbour; Paperback; 742 pp; Published: 1977, Reprinted: 2001; ISBN: 9780806307640; Item # CF325D

This remarkable work contains the genealogical records of over 950 families of early Hartford, Connecticut. The records are arranged alphabetically by family name, under which may also be found the names and records of allied families. The births, marriages, and deaths in successive generations are marshalled in a tight, skillfully-worked progression of statistics, and additional insights are afforded by the ready accumulation of biographical and historical detail. Based on the available records for the period 1645 to 1825, this collection of genealogies goes a considerable way in making good the deficiencies of the public record.

Families of Early Hartford is one of a number of versions on which Mr. Barbour worked. His own family tree included many of these lines, and his work in the preservation and care of old records and improved methods of record keeping reinforced his interest in helping other genealogists. From notes which he originally called "Families of Hartford and Vicinity," he worked and re-worked the compilation-mainly from church records, sextons' records, and probate records-but his work lay unpublished until the Connecticut Society of Genealogists exhumed the manuscript, typed it, and indexed it for publication. We are indeed greatly indebted to them, for without this book the genealogical continuity of Hartford and vicinity would be beyond discovery.