Bermuda Settlers Of The 17th Century, Genealogical Notes From Bermuda
Bermuda Settlers Of The 17th Century, Genealogical Notes From Bermuda
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Bermuda Settlers of the 17th Century, Genealogical Notes from Bermuda; by Julia E. Mercer; vi + 276 pp; Paperback; Published: 1942-1947; Reprinted: 2008; ISBN: 9780806309873; Item # CF3845

These "Genealogical Notes from Bermuda" were published serially in Tyler's Quarterly between 1942 and 1947 and have lain largely unnoticed by the genealogical researcher. The collected "Notes" consist of abstracts of the earliest known records of Bermuda settlers, and their value cannot be exaggerated, for many of the early settlers of Bermuda--or their descendants--removed to the mainland and were among the pioneer settlers of the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia.

The records given here are arranged by family and appear thereunder in chronological sequence. They consist of a progression of abstracts of wills, administrations, deeds, court orders, indentures, arrival records, and so on, pertaining to every member of the family from the original immigrant up to as near the year 1700 as the records allow. Of paramount interest, however, are the compiler's own notes, which in many cases establish family relationships and carry the family backward to England and forward to the mainland. Altogether about 5,000 of the earliest settlers in the New World are identified--for the first time.