The Wampanoag Genealogical History Of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
The Wampanoag Genealogical History Of Martha
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The Wampanoag Genealogical History of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, Referenced to Banks' History of Martha's Vineyard, Mass. Volume 1: Island History, People and Places from Sustained Contact Through the Early Federal Period; by Jerome D. Segel and R. Andrew Pierce; x + 679 pp; Hardcover; Published: 2003; ISBN: 9780806317199; Item # GPC5295

Prior to the publication of this book, no serious effort was ever made to present the complete historical record of Martha's Vineyard's Wampanoag families, who were the original settlers of the Island. This work is the first to explore the rich heritage of these native Vineyarders. By presenting the history of the Wampanoags within the context of family genealogies, the authors show that the Vineyard Wampanoags have a rich and documented heritage. Sources used include land records and deeds; mortgages; leases and wills; and court, vital, military, maritime, religious, and census records. The main portion of this book is a compendium listing every Indian with Island connections whose name was found in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in these various records.

"Wampanoag Genealogical History" Book Review

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