The Complete Idiot's Guide To Genealogy
The Complete Idiot
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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Genealogy, By Christine Rose and Kay Germain Ingalls, published 2012 by Penguin Group; 410 pp, Softcover, ISBN: 9781615641567; Item #IG01; $21.95

Everything you ever wanted to know about genealogy research and the proverbial kitchen sink. At least everything you need to know to become an efficient intermediate level researcher can be learned from The Complete Idiot's Guide to Genealogy, Third Edition. This compendium of genealogical knowledge covers everything from the reasons to start tracing your family tree through understanding the latest developments in DNA testing and associated research. This is the perfect book to give to a friend or family member interested in starting their family history. Here are just some of the benefits of this book, as taken from the cover:

  • Guidance on sorting through census data, plus tips on widening your search with surname variations.
  • Tips fro fact-finding in newspaper archives, military records, Social Security records, cemeteries, and more.
  • The latest information on using, GenWeb, and other online sources—plus hundreds of links to visit.
  • A new chapter devoted to researching African American lineage.
  • Expanded information on how to use DNA testing in your genealogical search.
  • Insightful ideas for breaking through the brick walls and seemingly dead ends all genealogists face.
  • A primer on organizing your work with charts, forms, and logs citing sources; and establishing a numbering system.