Tracing Your Mayo Ancestors, 3rd Edition
Tracing Your Mayo Ancestors, 3rd Edition
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Tracing your Mayo Ancestors - Third Edition; by Brian Smith; 160 pp; Paperback; 5.75x9; Published: 2019; ISBN: 9781907990; Illustrated; Item # FLP004-2

This is an updated 2019 Third Edition

The families of Mayo are a mixture of native families, of Gaelic families who migrated from Ulster in the 18th Century, and of English and Scotch-Irish settlers who came to Mayo from the 17th century onward. However, Mayo experienced a high level of emigration to North America, Scotland, and elsewhere in Britain. In comparison with most other Irish counties, Mayo has fewer records of value to family historians. This makes it important to use the existing records to their best advantage. The main Mayo families include Walsh, Gallagher, Kelly, O'Malley, Moran, MacHale, Gibbons, Joyce, Connor, Conway, Higgins, Murphy, Burke, Bourke, Reilly or Riley, Durkan or Durkin, Doherty, McHugh, MacHugh, Sweeney, Sweeny and Lyons. This book sets out the records available, where they can be accessed, and how they can be used to best effect in tracing Mayo families.

Reviews of the first edition:

" I highly recommend Tracing Your Mayo Ancestors for both amateur and professional genealogists. It is a meticulously researched and attractively presented book. The extracted document and manuscript illustrations presented throughout the book help the reader to envisage what they can expect to find through their own research. It is a reliable companion whether one is researching from home via the internet or in a library or archive. It is a must have for serious genealogists on the quest for Mayo ancestors." - Genealogical Gazette

" Mayo does not have a rich store of records, therefore it is essential to glean the most from the sources available - and this book will tell you exactly how to do this. Beginning with a brief reminder of research principles, resources are examined chapter by chapter ... with suggested further reading and useful addresses also listed. " - Family Tree (UK)

" a comprehensive guide for genealogists on the quest for Mayo ancestors" - Mayo Today

" Overall, this is something of a no-frills title, getting straight down to business with what sources contain and where you can find them, but it is no less important a work for that. With an extra 50 pages in the new edition and lots of general background information, this is a key reference work for anyone exploring Irish roots in Mayo. - Your Family Tree (UK)

" ...the frequent illustrations from printed sources, and the extensive inclusion of specific detail makes this an excellent historical and genealogical compilation of Irish Source material" - Descent - Journal of the Society of Australian Genealogists

"The author has captured the essence of Irish research and tells the reader how best to find and research the records, the purpose for which the records were originally created and what information you can expect to find.... " - All Ireland Sources Newsletter - Australia

"There is a wealth of information crammed into this little book" - Connecticut Nutmegger

"For research on Mayo families, this book is a must-have" - Irish Roots

"....excellent guide to Mayo records " - Family Tree Magazine (UK)

"This excellent skilfully-researched work is certainly the best of the series to date. It (sets) a standard for such county publications that future authors and researchers will have difficulty in surpassing" - Dun Laoghaire Gen Soc Journal 6(3).

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