Ohio’s German Heritage
Ohio’s German Heritage
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Ohio’s German Heritage; by Don Heinrich Tolzmann; 40 pp; paper; 5.5x8.5; index; Published: 2002; Reprinted: 2011; ISBN: 0788420356; Item # HBT2035

Ohio’s German Heritage by Don Heinrich Tolzmann. This brief survey traces the basic outlines of German immigration and settlement in the history of Ohio. As the largest ethnic element in the state, German-Americans have exerted a profound influence on Ohio’s history. Five basic periods in Ohio German history are identified and discussed in this work: The Colonial Period (before the American Revolution); The New Republic (until 1830); The Mass Migration and Settlement Period (from 1830 to World War I); The World Wars Period; and the Roots and Ethnic Revival Period of the latter half of the 20th century and beyond. If this book kindles your interest in Ohio German history, there is a list of further pertinent reading material in the select bibliography.

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