How To Find Your Family History In Newspapers
How To Find Your Family History In Newspapers
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Everything you need to know about...How to Find Your Family History in Newspapers; by Lisa Louise Cooke; Published: 2012; 155 pp; 8.5x11; paperback; ISBN: 5800077595424; Item # Lu04

You're interested in learning more about your family history, and you've probably heard several people say "be sure to check old newspapers!" Sounds great, right? But which newspapers were around back then? And where are they now? This book provides you with a fool-proof research process, and is stuffed with everything you need for genealogical success:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Worksheets and Checklists
  • Tons of Free Online Resources
  • Websites that are worth Shelling Out a Few Bucks For
  • A Massive Amount of Location Specific Websites
  • A Case Study that Puts It All to the Test

It's the answer to finding what's black and white and read all over: YOUR FAMILY HISTORY!

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Newspapers: An Exciting and Exasperating Record Group
  • Chapter 2: What to Look For in Newspapers
  • Chapter 3: Top 10 Tips to Remember Before Starting Your Search
  • Chapter 4: The Newspaper Search Process
  • Chapter 5: How to Identify Newspapers that Meet Your Criteria: Start with the Big Picture
  • Chapter 6: Online Digitized Newspaper Collections: Free and Paid
  • Chapter 7:Portal Websites: The Key to Finding ‘Hard-to-Find’ Newspapers Online and Offline
  • Chapter 8: Need More Help? Here’s Who You Should Ask
  • Chapter 9: African American Newspapers
  • Chapter 10: Caring for Newspaper Clippings
  • Chapter 11: Putting it to Bed
  • APPENDIX A: United States Newspaper Websites
  • APPENDIX B: International Newspaper Websites
  • APPENDIX C: Heritage Quest Online Participating Libraries

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