STOP! DO NOT ORDER! Out Of Stock! --------------------------- How To Do Everything Genealogy - 3rd Edition
STOP! DO NOT ORDER! Out Of Stock! --------------------------- How To Do Everything Genealogy -  3rd Edition
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STOP! DO NOT ORDER! Out of Stock! ------------------------------------------------- How to Do Everything Genealogy, 3rd Edition, by George G. Morgan; 2012; 470 pp, ISBN-13: 978-0071780841; Item #MH01.

In this new 3rd edition of How to Do Everything Genealogy, my friend, and award-winning researcher and genealogy writer George G. Morgan shows how to start and continue your family history research using traditional records and techniques, as well as the full array of online databases, digitized records, social networks, and other tools.

In George's book you will learn how to organize and create your family tree; find documents about your family; research census documents, military service records, and land and property rolls; plan a successful genealogy research trip; evaluate sources; and other vital skills to help you uncover and illuminate your family's story.

The following points are all covered in detail in the volume:

  • Structure an effective research strategy
  • Locate and access genealogy resources for U.S., Canadian, UK and Ireland, and Australian research
  • See illustrations of scores of sample documents
  • Get past brick walls and dead ends in your research
  • Place your ancestors in geographical and historical context
  • Access libraries, archives, and other repositories online
  • Learn the most efficient Internet search techniques
  • Research and verify ancestors using genetic genealogy (DNA)
  • Use social networking sites and collaboration techniques
  • Discover and use alternative research paths to locate difficult-to-find records
  • Learn to integrate your research by reviewing a real case study

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