Genealogy At A Glance: English Genealogy Research
Genealogy At A Glance: English Genealogy Research
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Details:    Genealogy at a Glance: English Genealogy Research; by Paul Milner; 4 pp. folded; Laminated; Published: 2011; 8.5x11; ISBN 9780806318875; Item GPC3864

Looking out over several centuries this research guide provides a broad outline of English genealogy—from ancient manuscript sources to modern digital records. With a few deft strokes it gives a quick overview of the facts you need to know to proceed with your English research. In less than a handful of pages (specially laminated for heavy use), it gives you as much useful information in the space allotted as you’ll ever need. And it is so concise it can be read in just a few moments—virtually at a glance!

Given the abundance of information that is available, Milner’s English Genealogy Research takes a practical approach to the subject, focusing on the basic record sources underlying all English research, namely

  • Civil registration
  • Parish registers
  • Diocesan records
  • Probate records
  • Census records

These elements form the backbone of any research project, and within this framework the Milner work emphasizes particularly the key records of birth, marriage, and death and how to find them, discusses records of wills and administrations dating back to the 1300s and their location, and examines census returns from 1841, explaining their usefulness and where they can be found.

But it also provides guidance to the best printed sources in the field as well as references to the principal genealogy databases. In addition, it gives timely reminders and clues for further research, and to help you to gain access to the records, it provides the web addresses of all the most important record repositories and institutions in the field of English genealogy, as well as a helpful list of other online sources, including commercial websites and free websites. No research tool in English genealogy is as effortless and convenient to use.

"Genealogy At A Glance: English Genealogy Research" Book Review

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