True Miracles With Genealogy: Volume Two
True Miracles With Genealogy: Volume Two
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True Miracles with Genealogy: Volume Two ; By Anne Bradshaw; 2011; Softcover; 158 pp; 6x9; illustrated; ISBN 9781466389656; Item AB02

In the same way that elegant, old leaves float back to earth and enrich the soil, so ancestors can reach out and strengthen families. Volume Two of True Miracles with Genealogy is crammed with 58 fascinating and inspiring stories from people who love researching their ancestors. Reading a story a day will guarantee a soaring mood, and unlock new ideas for your own research.

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The stories in this volume about the wonderful miracles that people have experienced while doing their Family History, are just as gripping as those in the last volume. And people keep sending Anne more! I think these volumes will continue and will occupy substantial space in the Celestial Library.

Writing these books is such a labor of love. You can feel that love by reading only one story of one miracle. Imagine how you will feel after reading the whole book.

It will make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone on your family tree. If they're not already doing their genealogy, they will probably be moved to begin because of Anne's faithful role as a "teller of stories." G. G. Vandagriff, author of five genealogical mysteries and many other books in various genres.

From the Author

Compiling Volume Two of True Miracles with Genealogy was an inspiring and joy-filled experience. As when compiling Volume One, I went to bed each night with such peaceful and happy feelings as the day's stories lingered in my mind. I still get goose-bumps and teary-eyed when reading many of the accounts, even though I have worked with them all countless times.

This volume is longer than the first, and contains more old photographs. I feel it is perhaps the best book I have published so far, and am thrilled to know it is being read by so many people.

Heartfelt thanks to all who contributed stories, to my professional editor, Tristi Pinkston, and to all who are now enjoying the book.

From the Back Cover

  • Quality Stories That Amaze and Inspire
  • Miracles That Comfort and Fascinate
  • Unique Ways in Which Ancestors Inform Us

"Anne Bradshaw again proves herself to be a 'national treasure' in the LDS market. True Miracles with Genealogy: Volume Two is a home run, addressing a central and vital teaching of our faith." Larry Barkdull, author of Rescuing Wayward Children and The Three Pillars of Zion Series.

"Family history research is definitely a fascinating experience with the unexpected miracle happening more frequently than one might expect. Each story will engage you to press forward with your own research desires. Congratulations Anne on successfully creating another brilliant compilation of True Miracles." --Holly T. Hansen, president of Family History Expos., Inc.

"Strange and wondrous things happen in the pursuit of family history. Events more than coincidental bring information to your hands as those beyond the veil reach out with yearning, wanting to be found. Anne Bradshaw has collected fascinating first-person accounts of such miracles in a volume that both motivates and delights those who want to be on a genealogical journey." --Maurine Proctor, co-founder, and editor-in-chief of Meridian Magazine.

Table of Contents (story titles only)

  • 1. The Lady in Black
  • 2. John P. Perdue and Prince Albert
  • 3. Eliza Jane’s Smile
  • 4. My Mother—Lost and Found
  • 5. Finding Angeline
  • 6. They Were Alice’s Children
  • 7. My Ancestors Found Me
  • 8. My Adventure in Welsh Research
  • 9. My Little Story
  • 10. Discovering John McVey
  • 11. Guided to the Right Home
  • 12. How the Letters of William Whitteker Found Me
  • 13. Getting it Right
  • 14. Lost and Found
  • 15. Little Clara B. Trent
  • 16. Killed in the Rain
  • 17. Protected in a Pasture Graveyard
  • 18. Grandpa Was Watching
  • 19. The Page Opened
  • 20. Ten Minute Miracle
  • 21. Levitia’s Stone
  • 22. Osbulbaha
  • 23. Handing Me a Miracle
  • 24. Fanny’s Story
  • 25. Curiosity and Miracles in Genealogy
  • 26. The Lost Swain Line
  • 27. The Sad Story of a Lovely Young Woman
  • 28. Perfect Timing
  • 29. The Lockwood Bible
  • 30. A Mysterious German Package
  • 31. This Table at This Moment: A Providential Encounter
  • 32. Lost Branch
  • 33. Finding Granddad Unsworth
  • 34. How Elizabeth’s Artwork Found Me
  • 35. Bedside Petition
  • 36. Com Home, William
  • 37. I’m on the Job for You
  • 38. Proof by Email
  • 39. How May I Assist You?
  • 40. A Helpful Stranger
  • 41. Aunt Kate is Not Dead!
  • 42. Success with a Little Help from Adam
  • 43. A Reading Miracle
  • 44. Come Right Away
  • 45. Message from the Other Side
  • 46. For Uncle Denny With Love
  • 47. Buried, but Not Lost
  • 48. Tender Moment at the Temple
  • 49. A Blessing Fulfilled
  • 50. Not Just an Old Herb Doctor!
  • 51. Meant to be Here!
  • 52. Mysterious Cherokee Visitor from Oklahoma
  • 53. Grandfather’s Desire
  • 54. My New “Society of Friends”—We Each Had a Piece fo the Puzzle
  • 55. Fruitful Distraction
  • 56. And Masy Makes Twelve
  • 57. Headstone Picture Mystery
  • 58. That’s Not His Name
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About the author

Anne Bradshaw was born in Wales, grew up in England, and now lives in the USA. When not glued to the chair typing, she is reading, walking, checking out New Family Search, or taking fun pictures. Anne and her husband, Bob, have fifteen grandchildren. True Miracles with Genealogy, Volume Two, is her seventh published book.