Genealogy At A Glance: Immigration Research
Genealogy At A Glance: Immigration Research
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Genealogy at a Glance: Immigration Research; Sharon BeBartolo Carmack, CG, MFA; 8.5x11; 4 laminated pages; ISBN: 978-0-8063-1890-5; Item #: GPC884

In just four laminated pages, Carmack shares a wealth of knowledge for researching you immigrant ancestors. In her own words, "unless you have 100 percent American Indian ancestry, you have immigrant ancestors in your family tree. Our origins are from other places, with some ancestors arriving during the Colonial Period and others arriving only a few decades ago." With key information, listed sources, additional references and great tips, this quicksheet is useful to every research not already and expert in immigration. And, even the experts can benefit from a quicksheet which is easy to carry anywhere.

Immigrations Research is broken into sections (listed below under ‘Contents’). For each, Carmack shares her expertise and advice for finding records. Be sure to read the tips, as well, they offer insight that often forgotten or overlooks. Take this example tip:

Keep in mind that some arriving vessels might have docked at more than one port, stopping first in Boston, for example, and then making a final stop in New York, so check passenger list indexes for all ports if you are having trouble finding your ancestors."


  • Quick Facts & Important Dates
  • Immigration History Background
    • Migration Factors
    • Immigration by Time Period
    • Chain Migration
  • Ports of Arrival
  • What You Need to Know to Begin Determining Your Ancestor's Time of Arrival
    • Federal Census Records
  • Passenger Arrival Lists
    • Pre–1820
    • 1820–ca. 1891
    • ca. 1891–1950s
  • Passenger Arrival Lists Online
  • Microfilmed Indexes & Lists
  • Naturalization Records

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