Flip-Pal Sketch
Flip-Pal Sketch
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Product #: COUR3

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Flip-Pal Sketch; Item #COUR3

NEW! - Now you can write notes, captions, people’s names, and such right over the picture you are about to scan, allowing you to later identify the people, things, and places in the scanned photo. It’s all done by:

  1. Gently laying the NEW Flip-Pal Sketch over the photo to be scanned
  2. Write and/or draw on the Sketch using one of the three supplied fine-point wet-erase pen
  3. Scan the original photo with the Sketch between the scanner and the original
  4. Scan original without the Sketch. You now have 2 scans – one of the original and one including your notes
  5. Clean the writing off the Sketch with simple tap water and a damp cloth – dry thoroughly
  6. The Sketch is made specifically for use with the Flip-Pal, and is a major innovation in scanning.

    My sample photograph not included! Your sketch won't have writing on it. You need to peel the protective paper from both sides of your Sketch prior to using.

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