Civil War In Kansas
Civil War In Kansas
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Civil War in Kansas by Roy Bird; Illustrated by Michael Almond; 2004; softbound; 5.5x8.25; 152 pp; ISBN: 9781589801646; Item #PP646.

In this book, historian Roy Bird examines the personalities involved in the violent years leading up to and during the Civil War; including, William Clark Quantrill, Jim Lane, "Red Leg" Charles Jennison, and Gen. James Blunt.

After war was declared, "Bleeding Kansas" became the battleground of local militias and guerrilla fighters. Written like he was telling a story, Bird takes the reader into the minds and hearts of Kansans as they experienced the war. Get a feel for what it was like to live during these hard time and what it was like to have battles rage on your own doorstep.


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • From a Shanghai Rooster to a Durham Cow: 1861-62
  • Overrun with Thieves and Highway Robbers: 1862
  • Courage, Stubbornness, and Determination: 1863
  • Every Man ... 18 to 60, to Arms: 1864-65
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Appendix: Index of Battles, Skirmishes, and Raids

About the Author

Bird is a historian, fiction writer, professor and long-time Custer researcher. He works full time for the Kansas State Library.

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