The German-Americans, An Ethnic Experience
The German-Americans, An Ethnic Experience
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The German-Americans, An Ethnic Experience by Willi Paul Adams, LaVern J. Rippley, Eberhard Reichmann; published 1993; 46 pp; paperback; ISBN: 1-880788-01-2; Item # IGH04

This is a history that every person with German ancestry should read. It's very readable with lots of illustrations.

Listing the chapters is the easiest way to give you an idea of its coverage:

  • Seven Million Germans were once "Foreigner"
  • Why Germans Left Home
  • Where to? Germans Joined Germans
  • Inequality: Incomes, Occupations, Social Structure
  • Likes Attract: German Clubs and the Public Display of "Germanness"
  • German-American Churches and Schools

    German or English?

  • Ethnic Politics: German-Americans as Voters and Office-Seekers
  • Xenophobia: American Nativism
  • American Laws Regulating Immigration and Asylum
  • Integration: The Ideals of Cultural Pluralism

Following the chapters is an excellent German-American Chronology as well as an in-depth Bibliography. This is a great book - one that I will recommend as a "must-read" for anyone in America with German ancestry (Leland K. Meitzler).