State Census Records
State Census Records
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State Census Records; by Ann S. Lainhart; Published 1992, Reprinted 2008, 116 pp; Hard Cover, ISBN: 9780806313627; Item # GPC3275

State censuses rank with federal censuses as a major genealogical resource, but, because they were taken randomly, remain a much under-utilized resource in American genealogy. State censuses not only stand as substitutes for some of the missing 1790, 1800, 1810, and 1890 censuses (as well as many county and statewide enumerations lost or destroyed between 1790 and 1890) but also as valuable population enumerations in their own right. Many state censuses, for example, asked different questions than the federal census, so they record information that cannot be found elsewhere in federal schedules.

Ann Lainhart's inventory of state census records is the first comprehensive list of state census records ever published. State by state, year-by-year, often county by county and district by district, she shows the researcher what is available in state census records, when it is available, and what one might expect to find in the way of data. In this way Ms. Lainhart has removed one of the last uncharted territories in American genealogy, opening up a range of fresh opportunities for the researcher.

Note that the volume deals with State censuses. Lainhart does not attempt to record the many Colonial, and Territorial censuses taken in years preceding statehood. However, the guide does an excellent job of covering censuses taken by the various states.

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