STOP! DO NOT ORDER! Out Of Stock! _______________________ Cradled In Sweden
STOP! DO NOT ORDER! Out Of Stock! _______________________ Cradled In Sweden
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STOP! DO NOT ORDER! Out of Stock! _______________________ Cradled in Sweden; By Carl-Erik Johansson; Printed in 2002 by Everton Publisher; 386 pp; Hard; 6x9.25 in.; Item # EV0005

Cradled in Sweden is one of those books that you must have if you’re going to do Swedish research. Although it’s been in print for a number of years, the book still contains much important information not found elsewhere.

The volumes contains 26 chapters plus a bibliography as follows: 1. The Language 2. The Country 3. Names of Places 4. Names of Persons 5. Archives 6. Fixed and Movable Feast Days 7. Handwriting 8. Emigration Records 9. Parish Registers 10. Clerical Survey Records 11. Census Records and Land Records 12. Court Records 13. Military Records 14. Genealogical Associations, Magazine and Printed Books 15. Chronology 16. List of Swedish and Finnish Army Units 17. Swedish Army Units 18. Swedish Probate Records and Indexes 19. Mormon Congregations (Grenar) in Sweden 1852-1950 20. Some Diseases and Causes of Death 21. Money, Weight and Measure 22. Pedigree Chart Numbering 23. Genealogical Associations in Sweden 24. Address to Local Tax Authorities 25. Alphabetical Index of All Parishes in Sweden 26. Word List 27. Bibliography