Map Guide To Swiss Parish Registers - Vol. 4 - Canton Of Fribourg - Hardbound
Map Guide To Swiss Parish Registers - Vol. 4 - Canton Of Fribourg - Hardbound
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Map Guide to Swiss Parish Registers - Vol. 4 - Canton of Fribourg - Hardbound; by Kevan M. Hansen; 2017; xxx pp; 8.5x11; hard cover; ISBN: 978-1-62859-136-1; Item #: FR0674Hard

This volume is still in process. It is expected to be in print by early May of 2017.

Note - This volume is also available in a softbound edition. Click on the link to go to that page.

The Map Guide to Swiss Parish Registers series is an out-growth of the very popular Map Guide to German Parish Registers project, which is still in process, but nearing completion. Over the years, we've been asked by numerous parties to extend the project to cover other German-speaking European countries. We did that with the publication of Map Guide to Luxembourg Parish Registers in 2016. There are 26 current cantons in Switzerland. Historic Bern is covered in the first two volumes of this series, and makes up two of those 26, as the current Canton of Jura is in historic Bern Canton. Volume three covers Canton Zürich, This volume (volume four of the series) deals with Canton Fribourg. It's planned that Canton Aargau will be covered in the fifth volume. Switzerland has 26 Cantons. Many of them are small, so we plan to publish guides to multiple cantons in many of the volumes. For this reason, we expect the entire series to be under 20 volumes.

Unlike American genealogical research, where the place to search is usually a civil registration (city, county, and state), European research is usually related to an ecclesiastical jurisdiction. In 18th and 19th century Switzerland, one must search the parish registers for births, christenings, marriages, deaths and burials. The historic boundaries for the Swiss cantons and amtsbezirke are quite well defined, and this volume lays them out in map form. Listings are given for both Catholic and Protestant parishes, along with what records are available and where to access them. Contact information, and the municipalities covered by each parish is found, making your Swiss research much easier to accomplish.

Each of the Map Guide to Swiss Parish Registers does the following:

  • Identifies the major online resources for Swiss genealogical research.
  • Identifies each canton with amtsbezirke (districts), and the municipalities, bauerten (farming coalitions), and subsidiary locations.
  • Visually identifies church parishes within each amtsbezirk (district).
  • Provides an overview of Swiss genealogical records.
  • Identifies neighboring parishes, just in case your ancestor may have gone to an alternate parish.
  • Aids in conducting area searches, particularly across district and canton borders.
  • Provides visual identification of search areas in which to look for your family.
  • Helps in determining proximity of one area to another.
  • Identifies archives, repositories, and other resources.
  • Identifies important gazetteers and online dictionaries available to researchers.
  • The following alphabetical list of x,xxx places are those found in Canton Fribourg.

    The index is still to be added.