Zap The Grandma Gap : Power Up Workbook
Zap The Grandma Gap : Power Up Workbook
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Zap The Grandma Gap : Power Up Workbook; by Janet Hovorka; 103 pp; Paper; 8.5x11, Published: 2013; Item # JH02

Brainstorm about what activities will synergize your descendants with their heritage. Questions to get you thinking and space to fill in the ideas that come to you. Filled with lists of resources, templates for games, instructions and procedures. Everything you need to zap the generation gap in your family and introduce them to their super grandmas and grandpas.

This workbook is so much more than the traditional guide to pedigrees and worksheets. This book offers FUN! The first section gets everyone thinking, "brainstorming," about their family. Then there are the projects. This is where family history becomes exciting. Help to create visual displays, take an heirloom inventory, or work with social networks—this is where the kids may teach the adults a thing or two. The book will even help you work on organization skills, not by telling someone what to do, but by seeking their input. Learn to let youth find their own way, where the adult helps to nurture a sense of accomplishment.

When it comes to making family history fun for the youth, Janet Hovorka is as creative as I have found. Her ideas strike at the heart of encouragement through participation. What better way to spend an hour with a youth than helping them learn about their family. Unless, you would rather sit in front of the TV and not talk?

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Brainstorm
    • Your Family
    • Relative Resources
    • Your History
    • Ancestral Assets
    • Your Current Family
    • Reflection Questions
    • Lessons to Learn
    • Pick a Few Heroes
  • Projects
    • Pictures
    • Visual Displays
    • Scrapbooks
    • Books
    • Organization
    • Heirloom Inventory
    • Flowers and Gardens
    • Family History Travel
    • Antique Games
    • Social Networking
  • Templates
    • Calendar
    • Indexing Chart
    • Pedigree Charts
    • Paper Doll Family
    • Recipe Cards
    • Family History Baking
    • Family History Parties
    • Family History Bingo
    • Games to Adapt
    • Scavenger Hunt
    • Family Playing Cards
    • Activity Books
    • Family Ornaments
  • Resources
    • Family History Gifts
    • Interview Questions
    • Internet Sites for Kids
    • Books
    • Incentives
    • Starting Places
  • Energize and Mobilize
    • The Plan