KwikTips: Real Photo Postcards (RPPC)
KwikTips: Real Photo Postcards (RPPC)
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KwikTips: Real Photo Postcards (RPPC); by Gary W. Clark; 2 pp; Laminated 5 mil; Published: 2013; 11.5x9; ISBN 978-0-9835785-5-0; Item # GC05

The Real Photo Postcard KwikTip covers the earliest photo cards,explains the different formats, and includes beautiful reproductions of the postal stamps used; with dates avaialable to help identify your photo postcards. Also included is the 'golden era'of postcards beginning in 1907. An introduction to stamp boxes lets you date the most common postcard paper stock, and historical tips and information about the modern divided back postcards are offered. A link to a comprehensive list of stamp boxes used in dating photo postcards is included. With this information, most photo postcards can be dated within a few years of creation.

Detailed KwikTip laminates from give the researcher a detailed yet easy-to-use set of timelines, photograph characteristics, and great illustrations to help date old photographs.

These durable, easy to use, beautifully illustrated laminates are perfect for quick reference in the home, office, research library, and travel trips. Designed to last, they are easy to store and carry, and answer the most common questions to dating cased images and tintypes.