Tracing Your Caribbean Ancestors, A National Archives Guide, Third Edition
Tracing Your Caribbean Ancestors, A National Archives Guide, Third Edition
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Tracing Your Caribbean Ancestors, A National Archives Guide, Third Edition; Edited by Guy Grannum; 208 pp; Paper; Published: 2012; 6x9.4; ISBN: 9781408175699; Item # TNA22

Tracing Your Caribbean Ancestors is an essential guide for people who are researching, or want to research, their Caribbean family history at The National Archives in London.


The (British) National Archives holds records for many people who lived in British West Indian colonies including plantation owners and slaves, soldiers, sailors, transported criminals and emigrants. It also holds colonial office records - document such as state correspondence to and from the West Indian colonies - and passenger lists. This book helps readers to use indexes, genealogy websites and where to look for more information. It is ideal for those who are continuing their research into their family history.

Fully updated and revised this new edition includes recent developments in Caribbean archives including archives that are now available online and how to find and accurately search newly released information. It outlines the primary research sources for those tracing their Caribbean ancestry and describes details of access to archives, further reading and useful websites. As Britain does not hold locally created records of its dependencies such as church records, this book doubles as a gateway to the local history sources throughout the Caribbean that remain in each country's archives and register office.

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About The Author:

GUY GRANNUM has worked at The (British) National Archives for over 20 years and has considerable experience in providing and advice and guidance to researchers. He specializes in Colonial history and Caribbean genealogy and has an excellent understanding of sources, techniques and pitfalls of research in this area. He gives talks and workshops on the researching Caribbean ancestry and contributes articles on Caribbean and slave genealogy for several genealogical magazines and websites including Family History Monthly and the BBC's Who Do You Think You Are magazine.