STOP! Sold Out! Out Of Stock! Do Not Order! -----------------Early Indiana Trails And Surveys
STOP! Sold Out! Out Of Stock! Do Not Order! -----------------Early Indiana Trails And Surveys
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STOP! Sold Out! Out of Stock! Do Not Order! -----------------Early Indiana Trails and Surveys; by George R. Wilson, C.E., L.L.B.; paperback; 116 pp; 5x7; Published: 1919; Reprinted: 2002; ISBN 9780871950055; Item # IHS009

This book details the early Indiana trails, and well as the surveys. The following sections are found in this volume:


  • The Buffalo Trace
  • Vallonia Trace
  • Blue River Trace
  • Yellow Banks Trail
  • Salt Route or Trace
  • Whetzels Trace


Surveys made previous to the General Survey of Indiana

  • The Illinois or Clark’s Grant
  • Re-Survey of the Greenville Treaty Line, in 1800 – The Gore of Indiana
  • The Vincennes Tract, Freeman Lines, Buckingham’s Base Line, and Second Principal Meridian. This section is complete with a copy of the Outline Map of Indiana, shoeing the districts as subdivided by the U.S. Surveyors together with each name and date of the survey.
  • Special Notes and Reference on the Vincennes Tract Survey and the Freeman Lines
  • Survey of the Buffalo Trail
  • Survey of the “Ten O’Clock Line,” the Northeast line of the Harrison Purchase

State Line Surveys

  • Survey of the North Part of the Ohio and Indiana State Line
  • Survey of the Indiana and Illinois State Line
  • Survey of the Michigan and Indiana State Line

Indian and Other Reservations

  • Old French Surveys
  • Survey of the Miami National Reserve, 1838-1839
  • Thorntown Reserve
  • Chief Richardville’s Reserve
  • Raccoon Village Reserve
  • Seek’s Village and Metea’s Village
  • Mississinewa Reserve
  • Wyandot Village Reserve
  • Sugar Creek Reserve
  • Technical Location of Fort Harrison

Typical Road and Swamp Surveys

  • The Michigan Road Surveys
  • Kibbey’s Road
  • Surveying the Swamps of the Kankakee River, Etc.

Interesting Discoveries and Incidents Recorded by the Surveyors

  • Government Surveyors Locate French Lick and West Baden Springs
  • Foote’s Pond Survey, Rattle Snake Den
  • N. Harlan’s Ferry, in Pike County
  • Supposed Copper Mine
  • Wild Pigeon Roost
  • East Fork or White River Surveyed on Ice (Driftwood Fork)
  • Lilies Retard Survey
  • Marble Quarry
  • Surveyors in Danger
  • Swearing in Chain-Carrier
  • Base Line Cave in Orange County
  • Anderson’s River
  • Shield’s Trading House
  • Surveyor Discovers Coal in Dubois County
  • Pioneer Expression Used by Pioneer Surveyors
  • McDonald’s Cabin and the Mudholes
  • Shawnee Trace

The volume has an excellent index at the back. The book has been a best seller for many years, and I expect it will continue that way. Not only is it inexpensive, it’s also very informative. All those interested in early Indiana will find it interesting and valuable.