Out Of Stock! Do Not Order!------------------------------- More Dating Old Photographs 1840-1929, Third Edition
Out Of Stock! Do Not Order!------------------------------- More Dating Old Photographs 1840-1929, Third Edition
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Out Of Stock! Do Not Order!------------------------------- More Dating Old Photographs 1840 -1929, Third Edition; originally published 2004; Revised & republished 2011; 120pp.; item #: FR0116; ISBN: 0-9731303-4-2

Out Of Stock! Do Not Order!------------------------------- You've almost certainly faced the problem: you've got an album or box of old photographs but almost all of them lack any identification. Family Chronicle's More Dating Old Photographs 1840-1929 can't help you identify the subject but it probably can help you with dating when the picture was taken — often within a couple of years.

This book on is made up of reproductions of old photographs of known date, and identity. There are over 650 pictures with photos of virtually thousands of people covering the period from the 1840s to the 1920s. By comparing your unknown pictures to those in our book, you will be able to compare clothing and hair fashion, the poses adopted by the subject and the background settings. The book provides convincing evidence that our ancestors were at least as fashion conscious as we are today and that those fashions changed just as frequently.

More Dating Old Photographs has been compiled from a number of sources, but the majority of them are photographs submitted by readers of the magazine.

The book begins with a 12-page article by the Photo Detective Maureen Taylor in which she explains the technicalities and fashion styles of old photos. She details information on the various types of photographs, starting with the daguerrotypes of 1839-1860, the tintypes of 1856-1930, the ambrotypes of 1854-1865, the calotypes/talbotypes of 1833-1860s, the salt-paper prints of 1850-c1860, the arte-de-visites of 1859-1900, the cabinet cards of 1863-c1920, the cyanotypes of 1840s to present, and stereotypes of 1851-c1925. She then includes sections on the following photographic subjects:

  • Photographic Jewelry
  • Other Formats
  • Manipulated Images
  • Retouching
  • Hand Coloring
  • li>Crayon Portraits
  • Photo Editing
  • Watch out for copies
  • Noticing the Details
  • Photographer’s Imprint
  • Clothing
  • Women
  • Bodices
  • Sleeves
  • Accessories
  • Hats and Bonnets
  • Women’s Hair
  • Men
  • Coats
  • Ties
  • Vests
  • Men’s Hair
  • Children
  • Occupational Clothing
  • Ethnic Dress
  • Special Occasions
  • Oddities in the Collection
  • A Case Study
  • Caring for Your Photographs
  • Safe Handling Techniques
  • Space Considerations

The book goes on to graphically show photographs of the following eras:

  • The 1840s – page 18
  • The 1850s – pages 19-20
  • 1860-1864 – pages 21-24
  • 1865-1869 – pages 25-28
  • 1870-1874 – pages 29-32
  • 1875-1879 – pages 33-37
  • 1880-1884 – pages 38-43
  • 1885-1889 – pages 44-48
  • 1890-1894 – pages 49-54
  • 1895-1899 – pages 55-60
  • 1900-1904 – pages 61-67
  • 1905-1909 – pages 68-74
  • 1910-1914 – pages 75-83
  • 1915-1919 – pages 84-92
  • 1920-1924 – pages 93-100
  • 1925-1929 – pages 101-108
  • Unusual photos – pages 109-112
  • Hand Colored – pages 113-117

Most pages have 9 photographs on them, with some larger photos on pages with 4 to 8 pictures. The photos are identified, and include the name of the party owning the original.

This book is a winner. If you’re only going to have one book on dating old photos, this is the one to have!

This book is a sequel to Dating Old Photographs, which is available on CD-ROM for just $11.88.

"More Dating Old Photographs 1840-1929" Book Review

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